One comment on “Mass Effect 3: Artistic Integrity is Bullshit

  1. i’m trying to finish me3 now, but one of my issues is how dumbed down the game is, and that’s after dumbing it down in me2. ME1 was and still is a masterpiece to me, it’s the white knuckled tension you mentioned, if only for me. The gameplay was great imo, and unlimited ammo was explained, and properly balanced between skills and heating.

    Then dumbed down me2 that was just another shooter with a story that was put on hold. Me3…..meh, it’s more endurance.

    And funny how shepard suddenly chooses to be gay in me3. This appeals to the gay rights people, who say it’s not a choice, but born that way, so to appease them, ME3 puts it in suddenly, as shepard suddenly chooses to be gay. At least the irony is entertaining.

    It also kills the replay value. Why should i replay the game, when i can romance anyone i want in one playthrough?

    Finally, James. You add a char to condense the previous 2 games for new players. And you make him the most annoying rugburn of a human being possible. During the first missions when i’m stuck with him, i’m constantly wanting to scream SHUT UP!!! at him. If everything needs to be explained to him, fine, but he served with shepard during his time on earth. Plenty of time to catch him up to speed. Then he would just be a douche, but not an idiot.

    Or, make him likable. Or killable. Or don’t force him in the party so much at the beginning, or give the player the option to leave him on earth.

    Sorry for the rant. This game is a sellout in my eyes, and after doing that to dragon age 2, i thought they would have learned. But they did learn, hype the game, make it look pretty, and milk it for every penny. They went downhill much faster then square enix did.

    Here’s hoping for the video game crash to come soon and clean out some of the trash that’s entered into the video game culture in the past decade.

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